Forensic Services & Training

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Smithson Scientific, LLC provides a variety of services.

We provide any type of photographic services you require.  From macro photography to panoramic images, we have the ability to capture what you need.  We now offer aerial photography as a licensed Remote Pilot in Command (Part 107) through the FAA.

We can provide 2D and 3D computer aided diagrams of scenes and locations.  Whether you provide the measurements or we collect them, you will receive an accurate diagram to meet your needs.

Crime Scene Reconstruction/Analysis/Review:
Crime scene reconstruction requires the review of all information gathered during the investigation to help gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that surrounded the commission of a crime.   Using deductive and inductive reasoning, physical evidence, scientific methods, and their interrelationships, the events can be determined accurately.  Smithson Scientific, LLC., can conduct a reconstruction for you.  If you do not need a reconstruction and only need a review of the information or a simple analysis, we can help.

Smithson Scientific, LLC., is often contacted for consultation by forensic practitioners and others.   If you seek assistance on a case, contact us, we will assist in any way we can.  We have experience in cold case reviews, crime scene investigation/reconstruction, shooting incident reconstruction, traffic collision investigation and more.

Smithson Scientific, LLC has many training opportunities.  Current courses are listed below.  If a course is not listed you are interested in, contact us, we may have the course in development.  All courses can be tailored to your needs.

Courses offered:
Forensic Photography:
This 8-hour course introduces the student to digital photography, the differences in digital cameras and general operation of the camera.    Additionally, the topics of crime scene photography, person and injury photography, collision photography, and comparative sciences photography are covered.   This is a hands-on class and it is highly recommended that the student has a DSLR camera for the course, but it is not required.

Low Light and Specialized Photography:
Low Light and Specialized Photography is an 8-hour course that advances the students’ knowledge and ability to operate their camera in low light situations.  Topics include laser trajectory photography, extended exposure, chemiluminescence photography and painting with light.  A DSLR camera, tripod and flash are required for the course.

Alternate Light Source:
ALS is a 4-hour course that introduces the students to the alternate or forensic light source.  Understanding the light spectrum and how items different types of evidence reacts to light will assist with locating evidence that might be overlooked without the use of the light sources.

Basic Fingerprint Development:
The 4-hour course provides the student with basic knowledge of how to process a variety of items of evidence for latent prints.  Processes include cyanoacrylate processing, powder processing and other basic methods.

Crime Scene Investigation:
This 160-hour course is instructed through a partnership between the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and Northeastern State University.  The course is a blended course, meaning about half of the course is online and the other half is in person.  Most lectures are self-based online and skills are tested/instructed during the in-person class.  To sign up for the course, contact Northeastern State University Continuing Education, 918-444-4610.  The course is open to all active law enforcement personnel.